About Us

Since 2015, Eligen has been the name to remember when looking for key cards or lock upgrades for your hotel. Our background in hospitality shows through with everything we do – from our service to our designs. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are over-satisfied with every interaction, and don’t stop until we’re told it’s absolutely perfect.

We have a full-time in-house designer ready to recreate your current hotel key card design, or start one from scratch, in mere hours. Once you’re satisfied with the design, we move on over to the printing process, which of course we do differently as well.

Quality & Service

Our cards work seamlessly and properly the first time, and every time. They’re made to last longer than traditional cards, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always available if you have any questions.

Fast Turnaround

Our in house designer can take you from an idea to print in mere hours. Most orders are ready to ship within 3-4 weeks, and generic designs are always available same-day.

Print On Demand

We print all orders on demand, which means less waste and stagnant inventory. This helps us keep our pricing low for hotels, and gives you the ability to make even a stock card design truly yours.

Multiple Solutions

No matter what brand of hotel locks you’re using, we have your key – Ving, Kaba, Onity, MiWa, Be-Tech, Saflok, and any others. We also carry key fobs and wristbands for either staff or guest access.

We start off with original chipsets and amplified antennas. This ensures your cards work the first time and every time, and cause no issues for your staff, guests, or system. We then encase it in recycled PVC plastic, and it’s ready for printing – no virgin plastics are used.

Unlike traditional printing, we employ a sublimation printing technique. Traditional printing sprays ink onto the surface on the card. Sublimation prints on special paper, then uses heat to change the ink into a gas, and combine the ink with the card. This results in a permanent transfer that goes edge-to-edge, and won’t crack or peel, and is wash (and sanitizer) resistant. So no white border around the cards, no fading and no ink chips falling off the cards. A thin, clear film is then fused to the card to give it either a glossy or matte finish, and further protect the card and ensure it’s longevity.

Cards get printed in batches of 250 at a time, and each card is then inspected for quality and finish. Once perfect, we’ll package them up (again, all recycled or even reused packaging) and send them your way.