Digital Services

We offer many digital services and solutions.


Increase your online reputation, and collect more reviews. Fully compliant with review sites.

Rank Tracker

Where do you stand in search results? We’ll let you know with a daily report.


Tell the world about your renovation, new management or ownership, and anything else going on.

Analytics Assessment

Understand what your numbers really mean, and how to improve them.


Get listed on over a dozen travel distribution sites, and have your profiles redesigned to really stand out from the crowd.


Run a successful online ad campaign – we’ll handle all the research and set up for you.

Old School

Direct mail still works. Get your updates, coupons, or just a friendly reminder in front of thousands of future customers. Or, target previous ones directly.


We build killer websites for hotel’s just like yours. SEO optimized, booking engine integrated, and we even can host it for you!

Channel Manager

Gone are the days of needing to update a dozen website’s every day. Also gone are the days of paying a ridiculous amount for a channel manager.

Digital Design

Need online content, flyers design, email templates, logos, hotel swag, photo editing, etc, etc, etc? We can handle it all, and anything else you need. Our incredibly talented team of designers will get you exactly what you need faster than you can imagine, and for much less than you’d think!

Stars will drastically increase your online reputation. The system is simple – we’ll send a quick survey to your guests post-checkout asking them for a quick rating. Then, we’ll send them directly to where you are needing reviews (typically TripAdvisor), to leave their comments. Our captivating, friendly messages to your guests get much better results than the review site’s review collection tactics, and you are in complete control. This allows you to better serve your guests and increase satisfaction rates, while also dramatically improving your hotel’s reputation online.

This effective implementation works great for more than hotels, too!