Free Keycards?

Yup! Most restaurants would love to be in front of your guests during their stay. Using the keycards is a win for everyone – the guest (in an new-to-them place) doesn’t need to figure out where to eat, the restaurant gets a constant flow of new customers, and you no longer pay for your cards! We can work with you and the restaurant of your choice to make sure everyone is pleased with the design of the cards. This type of advertising for restaurants is more affordable than any other campaign, and due to the re-usability of keycards, reaps a massive ongoing ROI for them! And again, you no longer have to pay for your cards!


Our lock bodies are built with 304 stainless steel, rated for Canadian winters at -50 degrees, passed military-grade ANSI A156 UL tests, and have CE and FCC certification. Being contact-less, the electronics are completely enclosed, preventing moisture and dust from entering the lock and causing damage. This also means no more foreign objects being shoved into the reader. Lastly, the keycards are not susceptible to interference and erasures like mag-stripe keycards.

Easy Operation

The front desk software is simple to understand, and easy for the manager to make changes to. Complete training and post-sale support is always available. Your front desk simply selects the room number, number of nights, how many keycards, and taps the cards on your encoder, which is connected to your existing front desk computer.
And since the system is contact-less, your guests simply wave the keycard in front of the lock to open. No more training your guests how to open their doors!

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