Generic Hotel Key Cards

When you’re in a rush and just need something now – generic style cards to the rescue! We’ve come up with out-of-the-ordinary designs that won’t be boring to look at. We stock generic style cards for all major hotel locking systems at all times, so if you ever find yourself in a pinch, give us a call and you’ll have them right away.

Our designs are always changing, so we cannot guarantee availability of a specific design you see here or have received in the past. We like to keep it fresh.

Generic Cards


Say goodbye to boring, blank, or cursive “Welcome” hotel key cards. We’ve created several generic-style designs that are attractive and modern.


No matter the day, we always have at least one of our generic style cards ready to ship out the same day. If you’re using a major locking system at your hotel, we have your cards.


While generic is sometimes seen as the budget choice, ours are anything but! Our generic cards are the exact same high-quality cards we use for everything else. The only difference with these ones is the design printed on the card.


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