Mobile Access Hotel Lock Solutions

With our affordable, retrofit solution for existing hotel locks, you can now offer your guests mobile access into their hotel room, ditching the key card for good – because nobody loses their card when it’s their phone.
Eligen Locks has a variety of styles to match your hotel’s aesthetic, and many models are a direct replacement of your current lock, meaning you could even have your in-house staff do the installation. All of our locks come standard with mobile access with no additional upfront, or annual fees.
Using standard door knobs at your property? We have a model to bring you to the 21st century as well, without needing to re-drill your doors.

Lower Cost

We were doing mobile access hotel locks before it was the “cool” thing to do. We don’t charge any extra for the lock to have the ability, nor do we charge any type of annual fee for the software or mobile access.

3 Year Warranty

All Eligen locks are covered by a full (and free) 3 year warranty. If anything at all goes wrong, we will handle it immediately for you. Also, we’re in Canada, and so therefore our warranty is too, as it should be. Simple.

Installation Available

We built our locks to be a simple, retrofit upgrade – so simple that you could swap them out in house with our live video support. But we get it, you’re busy, and so we also have certified installers ready to handle everything for you.

Mobile Access

Oh yeah, and equipped with MOBILE ACCESS. Say goodbye to expensive key cards, and give your guests what they want – their key in the palm of their hand, never lost.


Your hotel is in Canada – get a lock that was built and designed by people who know what that means.
Our lock bodies and latches are made with durable 304 stainless steel, not cheap zinc alloy. The spindles are made with 45# heat-treated steel, instead of brass, and all cables are inside the mortise, eliminating the risk of tearing or pinching (followed by failing). Cables are protected with insulating varnished sleeving, and buckle protectors. Instead of using rubber or plastic gaskets between the door and lock that crack and still let in moisture, our locks conform to your door, and the circuit boards are sealed. All of this adds up to one durable lock, that is both suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and ready to work flawlessly during the Canadian winters.

Easy Operation

Every hotel lock works the same – you insert or tap the card, and it unlocks. All of our locks are RFID locks with mobile access capabilities. So, tap the card (or your phone) and the door unlocks! When the batteries are low, you will get a notification reminding you to change them (although with a battery life of 12+ months, you won’t be doing that often), and all door programming is done via a mobile device, getting rid of extra (and expensive) programmers to try to keep track of and updated. Your front desk will find the user-friendly, visual front desk software the simplest thing they learn at the hotel.

Retrofit Solutions

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at, and measuring, old hotel door locks, and built every one of our lock models around those. This means little-to-no door modifications are needed, making installation easier and keeping the integrity of your doors intact. However, if you’re looking for a whole new look on your door, we can handle that easily as well, all without needing to replace your existing doors.

More for Less

No annual software fees, no need for a separate and expensive programmer, less key card usage, no charge warranty, a battery life over one year, and locks built to last, makes our locks the right choice for your hotel.

Using knobs/bolts?

No problem – we have an amazing alternative for you, without needing to re-drill or replace your doors! It’s a simple, yet sophisticated door knob with mobile phone and RFID card access, still controlled by the front desk. Inquire with us.

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