Sponsored Hotel Key Cards

Sponsored key cards are a great way for a hotel to save money, or an advertiser to get their name out there. By allowing a business such as a restaurant to get one side of the key card, a hotel can save on cost while a business can advertise themselves for a low cost alternative to ads and signage. We work with both the hotel and the advertiser to get a design that suits both parties.

If needed, we can help find either the hotel or advertiser, create the arrangement, make the design, and print your cards. Already have a partner and even a design? No problem, we can take care of this too!

Sponsored Cards


  • Allow your key card cost, or majority of it, to be taken care of by a local business useful to your guests.
  • In return, give up one side of your key card to a business while keeping the other side for your property’s branding.
  • All designs are approved by you and the outside business prior to printing.


  • Affordable and effective marketing for your business or event.
  • Get in front of hundreds of people each week, for less than a week of other marketing.
  • Just like for the hotel, the same is for you: designs will be approved by both parties prior to printing.

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