We believe in a future where virgin plastic does not exist. We only use recycled plastics for key cards. And that’s just the beginning.

We Recycle & Reuse

We use recycled plastics for key cards (no virgin plastic). All card envelopes and our marketing materials are made from 100% recycled paper, and themselves are 100% recyclable. All our items used in shipping are made from eco-conscience or recycled materials, or are reused items.

Clean Technology

Authentic chipsets means less errors and less cards in the garbage. Our lean manufacturing processes, including print of demand, no non-utilized talent, and company policies to reuse or recycle defects, means less emissions from production/storage/moving, and keeps more from the landfill.

Green Policies & Partners

We have a comprehensive in-house plan for reducing energy, water, and paper usage. We also uphold all manufacturing and vendor suppliers to high standards regarding sustainability, many of which following the same internal policies as us. Our web hosting is even powered by green energy sources.